The Franconia Women’s 18-Hole Golf League was started in 1961 and continues to maintain a healthy membership of 30-40 ladies 

playing on Tuesday mornings from late April until early October.  

The League plays a different type of format each week which makes every Tuesday a different challenge.  Besides the usual gross & net tournaments, others formats are four clubs & a putter, blind partners, odd front & even back, par 4’s only and many others.

Play begins at 9:00 am (8:30 for the warm months).

Each week when we check in, the members pick a number for pairing of teams which gives everyone a chance to play with different people each week.

In recent years we started playing in threesomes to improve our pace of play for 18 holes.

A 9 hole league will start in 2019

Franconia Golf Course provides a top-notch layout that is kept in excellent condition for all to enjoy.  

Having fun and meeting new ladies continue to be the main goals!

If you are interested in finding out more information, please call

 413-364-2054 and we will get back to you.


The Veterans Women’s Nine Hole Golf League was established in 1980 as an off shoot of the golf lessons offered by the Springfield Newspapers to women interested in learning to golf.  The women who took those classes decided to form a league when the series of lessons ended so that they could continue to golf together.  That league continues to this day. 

The Veteran’s Women’s Golf Association (VWGA) has provided a friendly, competitive golf experience for adult women (18+) for over 30 years. The group plays an 18-hole tournament each Tuesday from April through September.  Tee times start at 9:00 am; players must arrive before 8:30 am to register.  Yearly dues for Members are $45.  Dues for Associate Members (those playing during the summer only) are $30.  New members are welcome to join us for a couple of rounds – no obligation – to see if VWGA is a good fit. 

For further information visit the website:

Veteran’s Woman Golf Association