Tips and tricks


331/317/303         A short par four that gets things rolling. For the longer hitters, a slight draw over the oak tree will leave a short chip or perhaps an eagle putt. For the average golfer the ideal line would be to the right of the oak tree. The fairway falls off to the right, so the rough catches a great deal of shots too far right of the oak. Still just a short iron into a green surrounded by mounds.


327/317/297         A tee ball up the left center of the fairway will set up the best approach to this green which runs deep and narrow back to front. Avoid the large bunker on the right side of the green.


69/342/310         Once again the preferred line is left center side of the fairway, setting up a medium iron approach to a heavily bunkered green. The green slopes from back to front so the best approach is a ball left below the hole.


577/558/465         This is a hole where Franconia bares its teeth. It plays 577 from the back tees through a narrow tree lined fairway. The 2nd shot is almost as demanding as the tee ball and ideally should be right center of the landing are leaving a mid-iron approach to a bunkered two-tiered green. Par here is an accomplishment and birdies are rare.


131/107/84         So you needed a breather and here it is. A mere 130 yards downhill to a receptive green. Time to go birdie hunting.


435/415/353         Hope you enjoyed the brief respite because a 435-yard par four awaits. The best line is right center of the fairway leaving a hybrid/long iron through a tree lined fairway to a large green. Par is a good score here.


394/356/337         Franconia tosses another long par four at you but a wide fairway and a wide-open approach to the green make this an opportunity for a birdie. Avoid the mounds and bunker to the sides of the green though.


188/157/140         A long to medium iron to a slightly uphill green. A shot to the right is jail as there’s a steep embankment with trees. Do not be long as this green is huge [it’s a shared green with the 15th hole]and a long tee shot will roll down towards the 15th.


317/302/262         A short par four ends the outward nine. Long hitters can reach this green and the average golfer will have just a driver/wedge to hunt for a birdie. It’s a slippery green and a pin in front right or back right can easily produce a three putt.

HOLE 10 

526/499/460          Time to blast away on a 500+ yard par five with a wide-open fairway. Longer hitters can knock it over the hill and perhaps get a crack at a downhill shot to the green in two and a possible eagle attempt. The average golfer will use a driver & fairway wood to set up a short iron approach to this bunker guarded green. Birdies await.

HOLE 11 

340/314/296         From an elevated tee, the player’s shot is a slight fade up the right-hand side, that leaves a medium to short iron to a two-tiered green. Pay attention to the flag color [Red-Front White-Middle Blue-Back] as you will want the ball on the proper level.

HOLE 12 

485/464/401         One of the more iconic holes in Western Massachusetts you start off from an elevated tee, and the fairway runs downhill to where a narrow brook dissects the fairway about 260/270 yards from the tee. Long hitters can carry the brook. The average golfer will want to hit a mid-iron second that finds the fairway and stays away from the brook which now winds its way up the right side of the hole. That leaves one with a short iron approach. Those long hitters that carried the brook now have a dangerous approach as that meandering brook now juts out in front of the green. Even those average golfers with short iron thirds will have their nerves tested with this shot.

HOLE 13 

396/373/255         Another long & difficult par four with an uphill blind tee shot and a long approach to a green with out of bounds right and a steep drop off to the left. Par is well earned here.

HOLE 14 

151/132/93         A beautiful downhill par three require a medium iron from the average golfer. The false front will send balls down the steep bank. Yet another two-tiered green the slopes severely from back to front and left to right.

HOLE 15 

360/344/274         Remember the brook that tortured you several times on the 12th hole? It’s back! It will gobble up a pulled/hooked tee ball on the left-hand side. This is where you need to pipe one down the middle leaving a mid-iron uphill approach to a large green [shared with the 8th] This green falls slightly back to front.

HOLE 16 

303/288/274         A short par four that bends to the right It’s a driver and wedge for the average player and a chance for the long knockers to go after the green and a possible eagle.

HOLE 17 

180/162/148         A good par three with an open route to the green but bunkers will surely catch an off-line tee shot.

HOLE 18 

403/391/323         The flagpole is a good line to take off the tee for this uphill and blind tee shot. The average golfer will have a hybrid or long iron into a severely sloping green that has multiple nasty pin positions. Even the longer hitters with a short iron have problems with positioning, as there are no easy putts to be had on this green.